Tall Peak Fire Tower in the Arkansas Ouachitas

If you’ve been following my blog, you probably know how much I love obscure Arkansas locations with rich history! Tall Peak Fire Tower (or Lookout) in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas definitely fits the bill. After wanting to shoot the Milky Way there all summer, the timing just hadn’t worked out yet– until now! I saw clear skies in the forecast over Labor Day weekend, and knew this was my chance.

Tall Peak Fire Tower at dusk
Tall Peak Fire Tower at dusk
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Louisiana Purchase State Park: Tiny Park, Tons of History

#2 on my quest to visit all Arkansas state parks is the Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park! (Check out my other blogs in this series here!) At only 37.5 acres, I thought for sure this tiny state park was Arkansas’ smallest. It’s actually the eleventh smallest, which means there are ten even tinier parks out there to check off my list! Despite its small size, there is plenty of history and natural beauty to soak in at this gorgeous park.

Painted sign at Louisiana Purchase State Park
LPSP sign at the start of the boardwalk
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Cane Creek State Park: Even Better than Expected

water lily in a lens ball Cane Creek State Park
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Blanchard Springs, AR: The Perfect Summer Getaway

Tattooed girl sitting in an Arkansas creek at Blanchard Springs
Enjoying some cold, clear Sylamore Creek waters 🙂

I live in central Arkansas, so I know firsthand how brutal summer can be. This past week we had temperatures in the high 90’s with near-100% humidity. In that kind of weather, there’s not a lot you can do outdoors. Luckily, I have a remedy– Blanchard Springs. I can’t think of any other nearby destination that has so much to offer in the hottest months.

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Emerald Park

As someone who is native to the Ozarks in northwest Arkansas but now living in mostly-flat central Arkansas, I often miss the expansive overlooks atop towering bluffs of the Buffalo River. Luckily there is another place to enjoy some clifftop views that’s a lot closer to where I live now– Emerald Park in North Little Rock.

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