My Essential Plant Supplies

I earn a small commission from purchases made through the links in this post. I will update this page occasionally as my recommendations change. Thanks for your support! Potting Supplies Clear plastic nursery pots Net pots A bag of hand-mixed aroid substrate and the ingredients I use to make it: Azomite rock dust Perlite CocoContinue reading “My Essential Plant Supplies”

Ikea Greenhouse Guide: RUDSTA Tall

Introduction I’m going to be diving right into some plant-y content to start the new year: here’s how I turned an Ikea RUDSTA display cabinet into an indoor greenhouse! The Ikea greenhouse trend has been steadily growing over the last couple of years, but really exploded in 2020 when a lot of us were stuckContinue reading “Ikea Greenhouse Guide: RUDSTA Tall”

Tall Peak Fire Tower in the Arkansas Ouachitas

Tall Peak Fire Tower in the Arkansas Ouachitas — an amazing, tucked away place to stargaze, camp or enjoy a sunrise since 1938!

Hiking to Richland Creek Falls in Arkansas

I was lucky enough to get out to one of my favorite places in Arkansas this past weekend– the Richland Creek Wilderness. If you’re okay with a little bushwhacking and probably getting wet, Richland Creek holds countless hidden gems! Edit: This post was originally published in July 2019. I have updated some of the textContinue reading “Hiking to Richland Creek Falls in Arkansas”

Blanchard Springs, AR: The Perfect Summer Getaway

I live in central Arkansas, so I know how firsthand how brutal summer can be. This past week we had temperatures in the high 90’s with near-100% humidity. In that kind of weather, there’s not a lot you can do outdoors. Luckily, I have a remedy– Blanchard Springs. I can’t think of any other nearby destination that has so much to offer in the hottest months.

Emerald Park

As someone who is native to the Ozarks in northwest Arkansas but now living in mostly-flat central Arkansas, I often miss the expansive overlooks atop towering bluffs of the Buffalo River. Luckily there is another place to enjoy some clifftop views that’s a lot closer to where I live now– Emerald Park in North LittleContinue reading “Emerald Park”

Hiking Indian Creek to Eye of the Needle (Buffalo River, AR)

I was lucky enough to get to join the Arkansas Nature Lovers’ group (find them on Facebook!) on May 5th this year on a hike up Indian Creek to the Eye of the Needle. (Most of the photos below from the hike were taken by the group leader, Jeff Johnson. Thanks again, Jeff!) I absolutelyContinue reading “Hiking Indian Creek to Eye of the Needle (Buffalo River, AR)”