A woman in a cowboy hat with folded arms smiling and looking back at the camera

To photograph truthfully and effectively is to see beneath the surfaces.

Ansel Adams

Hi! I’m Beth Buckley.

The outdoors is a place of comfort, adventure, reflection, and inspiration for me.  Landscape photography captures my imagination because of the fickle ways of Mother Nature.  My work can involve meticulous planning, weather-watching, hiking over long distances and rugged terrain, and getting little sleep.  Sometimes I walk away from the scene with nothing, but every so often a magic moment just unfolds before the lens. It’s those moments that make all the work worthwhile.

I also love to work with people, so lifestyle photography and candid portraiture are a natural fit for me as well. I feel truly fulfilled when I capture people in their element, whatever that means to them.

While I employ some artistic license and creative processing techniques to get the most from my images, I believe in capturing scenes with a journalistic attention to reality. I want my photos to be beautiful and noteworthy, but to also realistically capture the scene or the subject as it truly is.

When I’m not out in the woods or on the road, you can find me at my day job as an office manager in Little Rock, or working in the garden, or binging Netflix with my husband Tyler and our cat Scout. If you’re interested in my work, drop me a line — I’d love to hear from you!

Services I Offer
  • Product & lifestyle photography for your business, website or marketing materials
  • Nature and landscape fine art prints
  • Collaborations with fellow creatives
  • Casual & creative portraiture
  • Documentary photography
  • Photo essays & editorial assignments
  • Licensing for print
  • … and much more!

  • Current member of #ARAmbassadors for the Arkansas Tourism Board
  • Featured in Waterfall Atlas of the United States by Dr. Gregory A. Plumb
  • Arkansas Life, Summer 2020 — Big Dam Photo
  • The Odyssey Online, featured in “20 Things to Do in Arkansas This Summer”
  • Arkansas Life, Fall 2019 — Photography for “Becoming an Outdoors-Woman” by Alisyn Reid

I’m also a proud member of the Nature First Photography Alliance. Our goal is to prioritize the well-being of nature, educate ourselves & others about the locations we photograph, and to promote Leave No Trace principles. If you’re interested in our mission, please join us!

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