Beth Buckley at Tea Table Rocks in winter in Arkansas

Who I Am

Hi! I’m Beth: Native Arkansan, avid hiker, and nature photographer.

Growing up in the Ozarks quickly instilled a passion for the outdoors in me as a kid. I spent countless afternoons hiking with my family, canoeing the Buffalo River, and creating imaginary worlds in my acre-sized childhood backyard. I’ve always created art– I painted and drew throughout my childhood and into adulthood. But I came by photography naturally: my mother taught film and digital photography for many years. My two passions, art and the outdoors, became entangled once I graduated from college. As soon as I picked up my first DSLR and headed into the woods, I was hooked on nature photography.

My passion

Arguably my favorite subjects to photograph are waterfalls. There is something about cool, cloudy days and rushing water that feeds my soul and nourishes my creativity. Plus, the challenge of getting to some of the most beautiful falls in the state is half the fun! Luckily, even in the dry season, Arkansas has plenty to keep my camera occupied– bluff lines and overlooks, caves and valleys, and plenty of dark skies for stargazing. As a native Arkansan, I’m also passionate about discovering new-to-me corners of the state, and fresh perspectives on familiar landmarks.

As much as I love my home, I love to travel and can’t resist lugging my camera equipment with me almost everywhere I go, just in case. I’ve been to over half of the United States, as well as Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, Denmark, Sweden, and others. Some of my bucket list locations to visit someday are Reflection Canyon, Havasu Falls, the Isle of Skye in Scotland, Patagonia, and so many more.

I’m also committed to travel & hiking ethics– whether it’s Leave No Trace principles, trail etiquette, low-waste products and gear, or buying locally. Every positive action we take makes a difference!

Get in Touch!

These days I live in North Little Rock with my boyfriend Tyler. If I’m not out in the woods or at my legal secretary day job, you can find me reading (history & fantasy are my favorites), cooking, kayaking, relaxing in a hammock, or gardening. Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy my work. To contact me, find me on Instagram (@annabethbuckley), Facebook (Beth Buckley Photography), or drop me a note in the contact form below!